Terms & Conditions

The Nature of Our Product:
Many of the items from "DHU Imports"  are hand-made from start to finish. Many traditional “Old World” methods are used in the construction of these unique accent pieces. The individual workmanship may cause slight differences in measurements and finish. This solid wood product constantly responds to it’s environment, therefore, the furniture has a subtle distressed look. Some splitting, cracking, chipping and glazing may occur. We, and the vast majority of our customers, think the imperfect nature of the wood and finishing methods create an antique but spirited look that is part of the charm and appeal of the product. Please be aware that these blemishes and imperfections are non-structural in nature and are to be expected.

If you are missing any items, please do not sign that you have received all items listed, as you will lose any and all rights to replacement, credit, or refund. If you receive missing or items damaged in Transport, Please do not sign that you received all items in good order it is the customer's responsibility to inspect and notify the delivery carrier immediately and file a claim. If you need assistance in filing a claim, please contact our customer service representative. All freight invoices are deemed separate from product invoices, therefore, all product invoices are expected due before delivery, regardless of any pending freight claim. Freight charges are not refundable.

All returns must obtain a “Return Authorization” prior to return of merchandise. Failure to obtain authorization may result in refusal of return. You may obtain a “RA” by contacting our customer service representative. “DHU Imports” may elect to authorize repair or make other arrangements in lieu of return.

We offer A VERY AGRESSIVE container program with larger discounts for multiple containers. Please contact our office for our current discount programs.

In placing an order, you are accepting all products and merchandise under the terms and conditions written herein, including damaged items. Any and all warranties of merchandise, whether expressed or implied, are hereby waived and excluded from any transaction. There are no warranties that extend beyond the description implied in the terms and conditions.

Some of our products are sold for decorative purposes, only. All steps are sold as plant stands. They are in no way intended for, or safely used as, a ladder or stepladder. Several of our smaller accessory items are not toys; they are for decorative purposes only. These are not to be used for sitting by either children or adults. Many of our dining and accent chairs are not intended for frequent or daily use and are not recommended for adults over 150 pounds. If you have any questions about which products are included in this category, please contact your customer service representative.

Prices: All prices presented are subject to change without notification.
Please contact our customer service representative to verify a price.